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About Coaching

Why get a coach?

People come to coaching for a variety of reasons that could include a need for better time management, health and wholeness, relationships, writing issues, or just a general overall feeling of being “stuck.” As the client in a coaching relationship, you set the agenda for each session. As a coach, my agenda is to help you listen to yourself more deeply and to brainstorm ways that you can move into new behavior or thought patterns. 

How does coaching work? 

The client and the coach meet weekly in forty-five minute sessions. These sessions can be held in person, via skype, or by phone. Clients leave each session committed to taking some action. Before the next session, the client sends the coach a quick tracking sheet via email to indicate how the week has gone and what has been accomplished. The coach expects accountability and offers support. 

How do we get started?


I meet my clients initially for a one-hour discovery session (free) at which time we discuss the issues the client is bringing to coaching, how the client wants to be coached, and my philosophy of coaching. At the end of the session the client and the coach decide whether or not to move into a coaching relationship. At that point, the client is asked to sign an agreement for a set of 12 weekly forty-five minute sessions. 

For more information or to schedule a free discovery session, please contact Anne Yardley at annebyardley@gmail.com or at 973.631.9540.